The Speckers- Reuben'sTrain

On his birthday, local fiddling sensation John Specker performs in the Okemo Valley TV studio with his daughters, Lila & Ida Mae. According to the Traditional Tune Archive: OLD REUBEN. AKA - "Old Reuben's Train," "Reuben." AKA and see "Reuben's Train." American, Song/Reel. An old-time banjo song/tune, perhaps derived from or related to the folksong "900 Miles." It was recorded many times during the 78 RPM era (under various titles), and versions were collected in the upland South from Wade Ward (Independence, Virginia), Frank Proffitt (Reese, North Carolina, 1961), Lamar Bascom Lunsford and others. The song is a collection of verses, including some "floating" couplets, loosely organized around a railroad theme. See also the close adaption of "Reuben's Train" called "Train Forty-Five," recorded by Grayson & Whitter in 1927 (Victor 21189, released in 1928).
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