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Board of Directors

2022-2023 Board of Directors Roster (through 6/30/2023)

Office                         Name                     Term Ending
President                     Noah Schmidt            2025
Treasurer                    Wendell Perkins           2025
Secretary                    George Thomson      2024
                                   Claire McKey Berkman   2026
                                   Bob Greenawalt       2025
                                    Lisa Hamm-Greenawalt     2025
                                   Zachary McNaughton  2024
                                   Newt Rose              2024

Click here to download Strategic Plan, adopted by the Board of Directors June 2016.

Click here to download and/or read organizational documents such as By Laws, reports, and meeting minutes.

Okemo Valley TV accepts nominations to the Board of Directors on an ongoing basis. Those nominated are placed on a ballot that is made available each June. Annual Elections for Board of Directors take place at the Annual Meeting in June of each year. Additionally, in the event a board member resigns during his / her term, the board may appoint a community member to carry out that term.

Those interested in serving on the Board of Directors, or nominating someone they know should contact Okemo Valley TV.

For a description of a Director's role, please see the attached document below. And to view a list of our staff, please go here.