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All programs produced through OKEMO VALLEY TV or with our equipment are available for purchase on DVD. Some other programs may also be available for purchase. We will let you know if, for any reason, a program you want is not available.

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If you would like to place a special order of multiple programs, or a series of programs, please send us an email or call us at (802) 228-8808. 

We also do video transfers, converting your video from 1 format to another (from VHS to DVD or to a file on flash drive, for example). Transfers are done for $10 per hour.

**We can transfer to/from the following formats:  Blu Ray, DVD, VHS, SVHS, 3/4 inch, mini-DV, Hi-8, & file-based media

Do you have a home movie you want to get transferred to DVD or Blu Ray (or maybe a file)? Give us a call at (802) 228-8808 or send an email to inquire about your video transfer.