2018 Youth Producer Award: Paige Kelley

Fri, 07/13/2018 - 10:32 -- Patrick

Paige worked with us as a “work-study” student this past September - January, during her junior year at Black River. She served as a liaison between the Ludlow schools and us, soliciting news & information from them to post on our bulletin board, producing videos, and coordinating other productions. Her independent work included productions for the Elementary School, including the "Let's Grow Kids" event  and with the after school program on a fun little kid dance video. We are looking forward to working with her again during her senior year. 

2018 Community Service Award: Sharon Combes-Farr

Fri, 07/13/2018 - 10:12 -- Patrick

Former Board member and Okemo Valley TV volunteer Sharon Combes-Farr is our 2018 Community Service award recipient. After serving for 5 years on our Board of Directors, Sharon has moved out of Town, to Westmoreland, NH. We wish her well in her newly-adopted community.

Sharon spent 2 as our Board President, 2 as V.P., and helped to lead our marketing & fundraising efforts for most of her tenure.  In particular, she helped to turn our annual fundraiser, the Derby Gala, into a dependable and organized event that consistently raises $4-5K per year for us. She also helped to form a Marketing Committee, steering us in a position where we market and promote ourselves more effectively. She was a proven and effective leader on the Board. We wanted to thank her with this token of appreciation, for helping to strengthen her hometown TV station.

2018 Producer of the Year: Kelly Kingsbury / Ludlow Baptist Church

Tue, 07/03/2018 - 11:22 -- Patrick

The 2018 "Producer of the Year" award went to Kelly Kingsbury, on behalf of Ludlow Baptist Church. Our station has had a long-lasting relationship with the church, dating back 13 years. Kelly's father, Fenwick Kingsbury, began recording Sunday services for the church, using our camera and sound equipment, in 2005. In the beginning, the "labor of love" was a multi-step process that involved Fenwick being a regular fixture in our former one-room facility in the Ludlow Elementary School Building. He would pick up the equipment each Friday, returning it on Monday mornings, when he would he would "capture" the videotape onto the editing system (in real time...things were a little different then). He would come back once or twice throughout the week to finish the edit, so we could have it ready to televise over the weekend.
(Photo on left: Kelly receives award on behalf of Ludlow Baptist Church, from Executive Director Patrick Cody).

Fenwick passed away in 2011, but his legacy and the tradition have carried on. For several years now, Fenwick's daughter, Kelly, has recorded the weekly services, and has shared in the editing duties with Roger Croswell, who delivers the finished product to us each week. All of this is handled electronically, off site.  While the church now owns its own equipment  and technology has helped, this process has continued, week in & week out over the years. Ludlow Baptist Church services have been a mainstay of our programming this whole time - we can set our clocks to it. We thank Kelly and Roger for keeping it going, and remember Fenwick for the foundation he built.

(Fenwick Kingsbury, editing in our old facility in the Elementary School, circa 2005).

2018 Community Service Award

Thu, 06/28/2018 - 16:52 -- Patrick

The 2018 Okemo Valley TV Outstanding Achievement Award has been given to Marji Graf, who for the past 10 years led the Okemo Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce. Since Marji was moving and starting her new job in Maryland before our Awards Ceremony & Open House, Executive Director Patrick Cody presented her with the award at the June 20th Chamber mixer, which served as her going away party (thanks to Doanld Dill, we'll soon be televising some video coverage of that event). During her time with the Chamber, Marji produced her monthly series, "Okemo Valley- Your Place in Vermont" with us. She started the show in 2008 and kept it going up until this month, when she recorded her final show. Marji serves as an excellent example of how community TV can be used as a promotional tool. Through the production her show, she made regular use of our services to promote Chamber activities and the business community throughout the region. We were a tool for her, which she put to good and effective use, and in turn, we received a steady stream of current programming. We wish Marji Well! 

(photo credit: Donald Dill)

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