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Sign Up for an Orientation

Did you know you can have your own show on Okemo Valley TV? Whatever your idea, vision, or message, our job is to provide you with what you need to make media and to do it effectively.

We have many tools at your disposal, including:

  • a facility outfitted with professional TV & performance studio 
  •  audio / video editing suites
  • and all sorts of equipment that you can take out on loan.

In addition, we offer training in a variety of areas, including cameras, sound, graphic design, & editing. 

We encourage you to come put it all to use.  Our equipment & training are here for the community to use on a first come, first serve basis. Any individual or organization wishing to use these services must first become a member. 

Select 1 or more times during the week when you would generally be available to attend a 1 hour orientation.
Tell us the areas you are interested in getting involved