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Okemo Valley TV is a community access TV station and media center serving the Black River Valley & Okemo region in Southern Vermont. Our service area specifically includes the small Towns of Ludlow, Mount Holly, Plymouth, Cavendish, Andover, & Reading, although we serve much of the wider region around these Towns. We are here to serve individual community members, non profit organizations & community groups, as well as schools, local, State, & federal government with free & low-cost media services. We offer equipment, training, and support for those wishing to produce and/or provide programming for us to telecast & stream online.

We operate 2 channels on local cable TV: a Community Access channel and an Education & Government Access channel. These are found on both the Comcast & VTel cable systems. On Comcast, our channels (1076 & 1086, respectively are available in the above-mentioned Towns. On VTel, our channels (166 & 167) are in High Definition and are available across the whole system. These channels are also streamed live 24/7 here on our website.  Local programming is also made available for viewing on demand on this same website, as well as our You Tube channel, and our free downloadable app across today's popular "over-the-top" streaming platforms - Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, Google Play, & iOS (go HERE for details).


We began as "LPCTV" in 2001 as a Public, Educational, Government ("PEG") Access television station. The name was derived from the first letters of the 3 Towns that the station served -Ludlow, Plymouth, and Cavendish. Since that time, the organization has grown and evolved, both in terms of our mission and our reach.  From our humble beginnings in the former home economics room in the Ludlow Elementary School building, we have grown into a vibrant community media organization, running 2 24/7 cable TV channels, this website (which is chock full of local video), a community calendar, and providing a variety of media-related services including free trainings & workshops, technical support and equipment to community members, organizations, and the local schools. We are now located in the Ludlow Community Center complex at 37C Main St.

Our Mission Statement

To provide the Okemo Valley region with equal access to multimedia technology for the purposes of education, civic engagement and media literacy.

Our Vision 

We strive to be the primary source to provide the Okemo Valley region with quality media and communication services.