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Patrick Cody,
Executive Director

Patrick has been with Okemo Valley TV since the early days, helping to grow and evolve the little community TV station into an active and thriving media center and production facility. In addition to his work at the station, Patrick has worked as a freelance camera operator & video producer. When not working, Patrick enjoys spending time in the woods, hills, and back roads of Vermont on bike, skis, & foot. He can also be found on the ice occasionally, lacing up the skates on "beer league" hockey nights. He's a big music fan but also happens to be the least musical person on a staff full of musicians.

Rebekah Fontaine,
Operations & Production Coordinator

Rebekah came to Okemo Valley TV in 2021 after moving back to her native Vermont, following an internship for a production company in Virginia. She is an award-winning graduate of the AV Production program at River Valley Technical Center in Springfield, where she grew up, and is an alumna of Redeemer University in Ontario. Rebekah wears many hats at Okemo Valley TV, coordinating day-to-day operations and production workflows, shooting, editing, training, and doing graphic design. She handles many of the areas of production and plays a key role in the output of all of the community programming that is seen on our TV channels, website, and streaming platforms. Outside of work, Rebekah enjoys spending time with her family and playing music.

Peter van Gorder,

Originally from Northern California, with a diverse background in software engineering, building websites, music, farming, AND media production, Peter comes to Okemo Valley TV with a wide array of skills, which we enjoy putting to use. He can be just as easily be found operating the AV equipment at municipal meetings, recording community events, and editing video, as he can fixing, painting, and banging nails around the shop, or researching and evaluating new technology and features. He is often the most front-facing person for the organization out in the community, since he is at so many meetings & events. Good thing he's friendly!

Will Harris,
Program Scheduler

Will first got involved with the station as a volunteer, then joined our staff as a part-time Program Scheduler. He schedules all of the daily programming that plays on our two TV channels (and which also stream live 24/7). With a background in computer programming and TV production, Will moved to the area in 2019 with his wife after living in rural Virginia for many years (and prior to that, Colorado). A guitar player and hobby music composer, you can hear some of his recordings as music beds & samples in some of the interstitial programming running on Okemo Valley TV (station IDs, promos, etc.).

Sarah Bennett,
Production Associate / Field Producer

Sarah joined us during the Summer of 2022, as a student on break from Bennington College. As the world around us re-emerged after a COVID shut down, so too did in-person community events & meetings., Sarah jumped in, helping with a lot of the field production work during this time, covering meetings & events, and taking over some of the post-production & editing workload. Sarah has stayed on to work with us on a part time basis. A musician with varied tastes, we are hoping she will bring her talents into the studio for a recording session in the near future!

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