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Addiction Recovery- Commercializing Marijuana

Host/Producer Ed Baker is joined by guests Scott Gagnon, MPP, PS-C, Dr. Libby Stuyt, MD, and Anne Hassel, Activists. Scott Gagnon is a Certified Prevention Specialist from Maine and Director of the New England Prevention Technology Transfer Center. He is the public health representative on Maine’s Marijuana Advisory Commission and currently serves on SAMHSA ‘s Substance (Ab)use Prevention National Advisory Council. Scott will discuss the important issues facing Vermonters today, related to the commercialization of THC (Marijuana): Highway Safety; Public Health; Adolescent Addiction; and much more. Dr. Libby Stuyt is a Psychiatrist adn Medical Director of the Circle Program, a 90-day inpatient co-occuring treatment program that she ran for 19 years at the Colorado State Hospital in Pubelo, CO. Author of "The Problem with the Current High Potency THC Marijuana from the Perspective of an Addiction Psychiatrist". Anne Hassel is an activist with first hand experience working in the marijuana industry.
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