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Green Drinks- How to Buy an EV or Hybrid Plug In Electric Car

Have you been considering an electric vehicle, but don't know where to start? Join us to learn the advantages of plug-in electric cars, and how you can save money in the long run by driving one. Vermont has numerous incentives available right now! (If your primary residence is out of state, perhaps your state has similar offerings!) Drive Electric Vermont is Vermont's premiere EV resource. They have fabulous tools to help you compare models of electric vehicles to find the best fit for you. Did you know charging an EV is like paying $1.50 a gallon? Plus, there are state, federal, and utility purchase incentives. Learn more from David Roberts, Drive Electric Vermont Coordinator. Green Mountain Power offers EV programs, such as free level 2 home chargers, special EV rates, and other incentives. Learn more from Jenn Yandow with Green Mountain Power.
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