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John Specker- Susannah Gal

Local sensation John Specker performs on the banjo in the Okemo Valley TV studio. According to the Traditional Tune Archive: FLY AROUND MY PRETTY LITTLE MISS. AKA and see "Blue Eyed Girl/Blue Eyed Gal," "Blue Eyes Run Me Crazy," "Fare Thee Well My Pretty Little Miss," "Pretty Little Pink," "Susannah Gal (1)/Suzanna Gal (1)," "Western Country." Old-Time, Breakdown and Song. USA; Virginia, North Carolina. D Major: A Major (Silberberg). Standard tuning (fiddle). AB. See also related tunes "Fare Thee Well My Pretty Little Miss," "Your Blue Eyes Drive Me Crazy." Among the several early recordings of the tune was a version by the Ashe County, North Carolina, string band Frank Blevins and His Tar Hell Rattlers, a name made up on the spot at the 1927 Columbia recording session in Atlanta for 16-year-old fiddler Frank Blevins, his older brother and guitarist Ed Blevins and banjo player Fred Miller. The band's playing was inspired by a few shots of corn liquor from a convenient jug.
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