Stuck in VT- Deconstruction & Demo at St. Mike's

Founders Hall is the oldest building on the Saint Michael’s College campus in Colchester. The Catholic school dates back to 1904, and over the college’s lifetime, Founders Hall has filled many roles: chapel, dormitory, library, dining hall, classroom, gymnasium and administrative offices. The structure began as an 1860s farmhouse and was transformed in the early 1900s into the massive four-story brick establishment. The price tag for renovating this iconic edifice was estimated to be $12 million to $15 million, and after extensive deliberations, it was decided that the building was no longer salvageable. But instead of taking this historic structure down with a wrecking ball, a crew is slowly stripping it of any useful items that can be repurposed. The copper pipes, cast-iron radiators, wires, slate and bricks will find new homes.
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