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Production Service for Hire

Is there a video you or your organization needs made but you don't have the time or desire to do it yourself? You can hire Okemo Valley TV to do it for you; we can produce the whole thing, or just a portion, whatever you prefer. We offer low-cost full-scale production services for local organizations and individuals. We have done this work for several local organizations (including Black River Academy Museum, Plymouth Vermont Historical Society, and Black River Area Community Coalition), and we are always happy to discuss your needs & ideas. The only requirement is that what is produced must be televised on Okemo Valley TV's channels. This means that the video must first meet the  telecast eligibility requirements. We can share those requirements with you when the time comes. 

Costs: on location production work starts at at $50 / hour (for 1 crew member plus equipment). Editing and post-production rates are billed at $30 / hour. Day rates and project-based rates are available, when applicable. Send us an email or call the station at (802) 228-8808 to discuss your project ideas or to get more information .

Here are some sample of videos we have produced for local organizations:

Black River Academy Museum (BRAM)


Spring Lake Ranch