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Program Guides



These are the latest weekly program grids for each channel. The grid shows you what series is scheduled for that timeslot each day.  Please note that exact times sometimes fluctuate - for up-to-date and detailed scheudles, see the links below under "Daily Schedules".

Community Channel Grid (Comcast ch. 1076 & VTel ch. 166)

Education & Government Channel Grid (Comcast ch. 1086 & VTel ch. 167)


DAILY SCHEDULES (click links below to view detailed daily schedules for either channel)

Community Channel Daily Schedule (Comcast ch. 1076 & VTel ch. 166)

Education & Government Channel Daily Schedule (Comcast ch. 1086 & VTel ch. 167) 



  • Local government meetings play daily on the Education & Gov. channel (Comcast 1076 & VTel 167). 
  • See Meeting Playback Guide below to fid out which meetings play when