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2019 Producer Awards

Mon, 07/01/2019 - 17:58 -- Patrick

At our annual meeting on June 27th, we recognized volunteer community producers for their works over the past year, through our 4 annual awards: Producer of the Year , Youth Producer of the Year, Community Service Award, & the Outstanding Achievement Award. These folks don't just watch TV...they make it. Around these parts, they are...."the media".

Producer of the Year: Zachary McNaughton

Zachary is a Proctorsville resident and an instructor of Audio / Video Production at River Valley Technical Center (RVTC). This past year, he began production on his own new regular fishing series, "Master Anglers" (showing each & every week on our community access channel). In addition, he oversaw the production of an original weekly series created, prodcuced, & hosted by students in his RVTC class ("Trailer Trash Talk") throughout the past school year. It's been a prolific year for Mr. McNaughton, and we salute him.

Youth Producer of the Year: Natasha Fortin

Natasha has been the A#1 student volunteer this past year, covering over 50 games for Black River High School sports. This includes both boys & girls teams for soccer, basketball, baseball, & softball. She did a lot of the post-production work as well. Thanks for all of the sports programming, Natasha! 

Community Impact / Service Award: Kelly Stettner

Kelly foudned & runs the Black River Action Team (BRAT), an volunteer organization dedicated to river clean-up, education, & watershed quality stewardship. As part of this effort, in her very limited spare time, she produces a TV series, "Black River Connections", using Okemo Valley TV, which is well-produced and informative. We are prepared to support more episodes, so  keep up the great work, Kelly!   


Outstanding Achievement Award: Ludlow Fire Department

Volunteer firefighters Fran & Angela Kissell led a team effort to produce a great 10-minute promotional video for the Ludlow Fire Department...and they put in A LOT of work. The video has been well-circulated and is in regular rotation on our channels. There will be more to come through our collaborative work with the Fire Department. This first effort exceeded all expectations. Job well done!