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Election Coverage: Primary Season

Fri, 07/27/2018 - 22:56 -- Patrick

 As with all election seasons, we are doing our part to bring you as much coverage of  local & statewide races as possible. Thanks to the Vermont Media Exchange and our colleagues at community TV stations across the State, we are able to televise all sorts of election programming, leading up to both the primary elections in August and the general election in November.  And...wherever possible, we provide coverage of local candidate forums, debates, and other programs. With the August 14th primary approaching, there is a steady stream of programming, which we are airing on our Education / Government Channel. Check out the daily schedules.

In terms of local coverage, we had a 3-person crew out at the gubernatorial candidate forum in Ludlow on July 26th. Despite the small turnout, there was an engaging discussion among the 4 participating candidates. It was sponsored & hosted by FOLA (Friends of Ludlow Auditorium), who invited all candidates from both the Democratic & Republican parties. Only the 4 Democratic candidates showed up (the 2 Republican candidates participated in a separate debate, which we are also be televising, thanks to CCTV in Burlington & the VT Media Exchange), along with numerous other candidate forums and debates for different statewide offices as well as the U.S. congressional seat.

Election coverage will play on our Education / Government Channel at the following times through August 13th, the day before the primary election (after Aug. 13, through the remainder of the month, these timeslots will be used for legislative programming):

Sundays 5:30AM

Tuesdays 5AM, 12:30PM, & 10PM

Wednesdays 3AM, 7AM, 11AM, & 5:30PM

Thursdays 5PM

Fridays 5:30AM & 10PM

Saturdays 4AM & 12PM