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Moments of Light

Fri, 12/11/2020 - 18:26 -- Patrick

It's the season of darkness, as we head towards the Solstice. And during this year in particular, which has been dark in other ways, it's been nice to see some light here & there. Kudos to the Town of Ludlow & the Rec. Department for the display out in front of the Community Center (where we operate). The illuminated tank and other holiday decor is bringing some joy as we come & go.

There's no way around it; it's been a tough year. But in the darkness, there have been moments of light. And now we want to piece them together into a collection. We want to hear from you! 

We'll kick it off by sharing one of our moments of light: the adaptability and resiliency shown by some of our members. One of the most obvious examples is Kata Welch, the Cavendish librarian. With the library shut down, then operating with restrictions, then closed again, Kata has been super resilient. She has taken her Story Time readings to the virtual world, recording a steady stream of them throughout the year, which we televise and put here on our website (and You Tube channel )

We are re-posting Kata's most recent, holiday-inspired Story Times below. Thank you Kata, for sharing the light with us!

What are your moments of light? We want to hear about them. We are launching a new project, to put together a collection of reflections from community members, sharing this year's "moments of light". 
Send us an email or call the station at 228-8808. Come on & share the light! Let's do this!

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