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Town Meeting Coverage

Sun, 02/27/2022 - 22:59 -- Patrick

Our annual Town Meeting coverage has begun; we are covering five annual Town Meetings and 2 annual School District meetings. This year, as local Towns are transitioning back to normalcy with their Town Meeting formats, there are some deviations from the norm. Traditionally, Town Meeting Day in Vermont is the 1st Tuesday in March (which is March 1st this year). However, due to the ongoing recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Legislature has once again made an allowance for Towns to postpone their dates if they wish to do so. Of the Towns we cover, both Cavendish & Ludlow have decided to do this.  And none of the 5 that we cover are holding voting from the floor; instead, voting will be done by Australian Ballot in each Town. So, the meetings themselves are informational meetings only. All of them are being held as "hybrids"; that is, having both in-person and remote participation. We have been supporting the Town government bodies with the AV services for hybrid meetings for well over a year now... and we have the workflow & technology down.

We are televising all of the annual Town Meetings live (check for schedules)  and will also be streaming them live on our You Tube channel.

Our Annual Meeting coverage is as follows (links to the video recordings are provided for those that are available) : 

 - Ludlow-Mt. Holly Unified Union School District (2/22)

- Green Mountain Unified School District (2/24)

- Andover Town Info. Meeting (2/25)

- Plymouth Town Info. Meeting (2/28)

- Mt. Holly Town Info. Meeting (2/28)

- Ludlow Village Info. Meeting (3/21)

- Ludlow Village Annual Meeting & Vote (3/22)

- Cavendish Town Info. Meeting (3/28)

- Ludlow Town Info. Meeting (4/4)