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We Are Now Okemo Valley TV!

Fri, 10/20/2017 - 15:59 -- Patrick

After 16 years of operating as LPCTV, we have changed our name to Okemo Valley TV. While we now have this new identity, everything else remains the same. The name change is the result of our current strategic plan, which identified the need to build a stronger identity & brand, as well as broaden our potential reach. Basically, this means we needed a more identifiable / recognizable name that was inclusive of the region. We wanted the community to be involved with the process as much as possible, so we began by putting out a survey. We asked community members about the name and what the liked or didn't like about different names. The most favorable response we received was "Okemo Valley TV", so the Board considered that name, and formally adopted it as our new name in May of this year.  We announced the new name at our annual meeting in June, but held off making it official until we had everything lined up. And so, the second step was to create a new logo; we decided to have a logo design contest, which just recently concluded. The new logo has been finalized, which came from an entry submitted by River Valley Technical Center student Cameron Purington. 

So, welcome to the new-look Okemo Valley TV!