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Viewer Survey

Fri, 08/02/2019 - 14:22 -- Patrick

In an effort to continue to improve, we are collecting viewership input & feedback. Please take a moment to complete the survey - it's just 10 questions. It should take no longer than a few minutes. All respondents will be entered into a raffle to win a personal photo & video shoot! Want to know more about that?  Ask us! 

We've extended the deadline to Monday, October 7th. All entries must be received by 5pm on that date. The raffle winner will be announced at 5pm Monday, October 7th.. 



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Paleoindians at Jackson Gore

Tue, 07/02/2019 - 17:44 -- Patrick

The University of Vermont Consulting Archaeology program was hired by Okemo Mountain Resort in 2007 to excavate and study an area of Jackson Gore, which was being developed by the resort. Artifacts were discovered that dated back to the paleoinidian period, 12,000+ years ago. We went to UVM in 2018 to record a follow-up with the program director, John Crock, and State archaeologist, Jess Robinson.  Here is their update on the project, edited together with footage from the 2007 excavation:

State of the Station

Tue, 07/02/2019 - 17:34 -- Patrick

We just wrapped up our fiscal year on June 30th. As is the tradition, we have provided a summary of this past year's news & activities in our "State of the Station" report, which can be viewed here.  Highlights from the past year include:

  • our huge building improvements (Phase 3 building project), thanks to the funding support from the State of Vermont "Building Communities" grant, The Marro Trust, The Cricket Foundation, and several private local donations
  • more than 1,300 new local shows were produced using our services
  • new collaborative video projects with Ludlow Fire Department, UVM Consulting Archaeology Program, & Mount Holly School
  • hiring of a full-time production coordinator, Eric Chatterjee
  • our statewide membership & advocacy organization (Vermont Access Network, aka VAN) successfully convinced the legislature to form a "PEG Access Study Committee" (currently underway) to explore new funding sources for community access media / TV, in light of various funding threats 


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2019 Producer Awards

Mon, 07/01/2019 - 17:58 -- Patrick

At our annual meeting on June 27th, we recognized volunteer community producers for their works over the past year, through our 4 annual awards: Producer of the Year , Youth Producer of the Year, Community Service Award, & the Outstanding Achievement Award. These folks don't just watch TV...they make it. Around these parts, they are...."the media".

Producer of the Year: Zachary McNaughton

Zachary is a Proctorsville resident and an instructor of Audio / Video Production at River Valley Technical Center (RVTC). This past year, he began production on his own new regular fishing series, "Master Anglers" (showing each & every week on our community access channel). In addition, he oversaw the production of an original weekly series created, prodcuced, & hosted by students in his RVTC class ("Trailer Trash Talk") throughout the past school year. It's been a prolific year for Mr. McNaughton, and we salute him.

Youth Producer of the Year: Natasha Fortin

Natasha has been the A#1 student volunteer this past year, covering over 50 games for Black River High School sports. This includes both boys & girls teams for soccer, basketball, baseball, & softball. She did a lot of the post-production work as well. Thanks for all of the sports programming, Natasha! 

Community Impact / Service Award: Kelly Stettner

Kelly foudned & runs the Black River Action Team (BRAT), an volunteer organization dedicated to river clean-up, education, & watershed quality stewardship. As part of this effort, in her very limited spare time, she produces a TV series, "Black River Connections", using Okemo Valley TV, which is well-produced and informative. We are prepared to support more episodes, so  keep up the great work, Kelly!   


Outstanding Achievement Award: Ludlow Fire Department

Volunteer firefighters Fran & Angela Kissell led a team effort to produce a great 10-minute promotional video for the Ludlow Fire Department...and they put in A LOT of work. The video has been well-circulated and is in regular rotation on our channels. There will be more to come through our collaborative work with the Fire Department. This first effort exceeded all expectations. Job well done! 

Board of Directors Election

Fri, 06/28/2019 - 17:07 -- Patrick

At last night's annual meeting (June 27th), the election was held for the Board of Directors for the coming fiscal year. Noah Schmidt was re-elected. Don Richardson & Wendy Regier were both elected. The new year starts on July 1.  The new Board will be meeting sometime in mid-July, at which time officers will be elected (the date of the 1st meeting is still to be determined, but an agenda will be posted here soon).

We would like to thank both Julie Bowyer and Lou Krefski, who terms ended,  for serving on the Board of Directors for the past three years!

Board of Directors Election

Mon, 06/17/2019 - 18:33 -- Patrick

Voting is now open for the Board of Directors election. The ballot, with instructions, is available for download here.  Anyone age 14 + up residing within our service area (Towns of Ludlow, Mount Holly, Plymouth, Reading, Cavendish, & Andover) may vote. Instructions must be followed in order for a ballot to be counted. 

Annual Meeting & Awards Night

Mon, 06/17/2019 - 18:00 -- Patrick

Join us for the 2019 Annual Meeting & Awards night, Thursday, June 27th, starting at 6PM. All are welcome, but please RSVP by sending an email to Patrick. The agenda is posted here.

The Board of Directors election will be held during the annual meeting. Those in attendance will have the opportunity to cast a ballot. Those who are unable to attend the meeting can still vote - the ballot (with instructions) is available for download here.

Mount Holly After School Premiere

Sat, 06/01/2019 - 09:56 -- Patrick

We had a great time working with the Mt. Holly After School program on the production of its own short film: "A Girl, 3 Pigs, 3 Bears, & a Wolf". We have been working regularly throughout the school year with the after school program for the past few years, each session taking up its own video project (see some past projects here). This session started back in January. The students conceptualized, scripted, directed, & starred an original "mash-up" of traditional fairytales. Our Production Coordinator Eric Chatterjee worked with them each week to help get their project onto the screen. Kudos to Mt. Holly School's Ms. Goraj for her dedication & support! This week they had their own premiere, complete with cookies...



Call for Nominations

Thu, 04/25/2019 - 18:20 -- Patrick

The annual Board of Directors elections are coming up in June. Would you or someone you know be a good candidate to help local profit, independent, & local public media grow and thrive? If so, (subject: Nomination) (we want to hear from you)!  Any resident of Andover, Ludlow, Mount Holly, Plymouth, Reading, or Cavendish who is at least 18 years of age is eligible to serve on the Board. Anyone interested in becoming a candidate or nominating someone they know should contact Executive Director Patrick Cody, by email at or calling 228-8808. Nominations must be received by Thursday, June 11th.

Interested candidates should send a short 1-2 paragaraph statement about their interest & background (subject: Candidate%20Info.) ( via email). This short statement will be added to the ballot.

Candidates are also encouraged to record a short video (up to 5 minutes), to provide more information about themselves, and which can shared prior to the election.

The election will be held during the Annual Meeting  & Awards Night, on Thursday, June 25th at 6:30pm. The Annual Meeting & Awards Night is open to all community members. It will be to be held via teconference (subject: Annual%20Meeting%20RSVP) ( email Patrick to RSVP). Voting will be available electronically for a period prior to the annual meeting. More information will be posted about that very soon. Due to the cirumstances surrounding the pandemic this year, electronic voting will only be available. 

Visit the Board of Directors page for more info.


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